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Bristol New Music Festival: Empty Set/Cevdet Erek at Spike Island, Review 21 February 2014

"Both employ a certain stripped-back monophonic sound whose steady tempo doesn’t build so much as intensify -engulfing the space with a mighty sonic charge that certainly doesn’t fail to deliver an arresting experience.

This measure of time, space and sound resonates between them whilst their approaches articulate an experience the wider festival programme of new and experimental music appears to seek – one that is adventurous and challenges traditional contexts of experiencing sound and music."

Full Review:  https://www.a-n.co.uk/reviews/empty-set-vs-cevdet-erek

Hope: Come Hell or High Water

Supernormal Programme Introduction 2017

"In yet another year that has seen even more uncertainty as the political climate increasingly marginalises societal support structures and devalues independent artistic activity under an ideological drive towards profit at all costs, retaining a glimmer of hope that such social and cultural principles will cease to be the dominant narrative is vital."               Full Text:

A Flanuese’s Jaunt around Glasgow International Festival 2016

Review - Visual Arts South West Go & See Bursary

"The expanse of a floor in a once-grand and splendid room, a crumblesome courtroom in the now run-down building ripe for renovation with it’s splintering ceiling in tatters. An extra layer now on the floor hand-made from take away tubs cast in plaster, many hundreds, thousands even, crack, crunch and break so satisfyingly underfoot with each step. A crumbling floor for a crumbling room........ Reconstructed vignettes of the city, traces of the passed by, the commonplace, the nothing to see here, nothing worth seeing there. The generic frame of a bus stop now represented as the grand columns at the pearly gates, an unremarkable wall becomes a woven web, the uninspiring bricks gentle seating, all delicately revealed to be beholden." 

Full Review: https://www.a-n.co.uk/reviews/a-flanueses-jaunt-of-glasgow-international-festival-2016


Sound as a State of Encounter: How can Sound Transform Experience of the White Cube?

MA Curating Dissertation (Distinction)

Sound helps individuals to understand and connect with their surroundings, across all contexts, activities and moments of daily life. Sound is encountered in all places and all actions; it helps to shape human experience, allowing so that we can locate ourselves within any given situation. In spite of this, of all of the human senses, sound is given substantially less credence than others, particularly its visual counterpart, sight, which takes precedence in the sensory toolkit as the most actively tuned in to faculty. However, the purely visual is no longer the singular, or even dominant, art form within visual arts, just as sight is no more the dominant sense; art now “attempts to focus experience and heighten awareness, immersing the viewer in the art-and-environment as one, at times crossing realms of experiences, space, and time”

                                                                                                 Full Text: