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I produced this activity and other events as part of the 'Moving Targets' programme, Summer 2016 whilst working as Live Programme Producer at Arnolfini.

Agency : Make your Mark was a participatory zine-making project taking place in the main gallery throughout the summer for families and all ages at Arnolfini, led by artist Rachael House. 

Agency : Make your Mark is the theme of the zine that will be created at Arnolfini over the summer.  Agency talks about how we survive, and pass on ideas of how to make things better, for ourselves, other people and the planet. In tiny ways - or thinking on a BIG scale. "It’s important to remember that we have some agency in the world, and that our actions have consequences".

In 2016, in times just as difficult as the late 1970's when people first started making zines - zines are still a way for us to connect with each other, to have a voice. We don’t have to be ‘experts’, zines are for all of us, we all have something to say and a need to be heard. We can use zines to reach out to others, to campaign, to find our people, locally, nationally and internationally.

Over 350 people of all ages created content that contributed to the final fanzine. 

Moving Targets Programme: