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I co-curated this exhibition with Ian Smith as part of the Fringe Arts Bath festival 2011.


The Collective is an exhibition of weird and wonderful collections and peculiar artifacts from artists and non-artists alike. 


Items on display in this collection of curios and obsessions range from a bald man’s fascination with combs to a grandmother’s collation of 40 years worth of Scrabble games, a beleaguered artist’s stack of rejection letters, lost keys, found objects, apple cores, fruit stickers, football stickers, meticulously detailed and archived photographs of garlic, objets d’art and objects de’ not art. These curious curios, unconventional archives, objects and images, paraphernalia and ephemera, sit alongside everyday obsessions, repetitions and observations in their many forms offering a fascinating insight into the act or art of collecting.


The ephemera and collectables in the show have been sought and curated by The Collective who themselves have a passion for stuff and stuff gatherers, having met at a cereal packet convention in America in 1989. Mirroring current contemporary exhibitions such as the Wellcome Trust’s ‘Things’ exhibition and outsider art at The Museum of Everything, the show rediscovers the tactility of the passionate object in a time of throw away technology and digital archivism.


In collaboration with the re-opening of The Holburne Museum in Bath, and as part of the Fringe Arts Bath fortnight, The Collective have programmed photographer and enthusiastic collector Martin Parr to give a talk about his obsessions and collections which will include his passion for M1 memorabilia. The talk on May 31st 7pm will take place in the museum itself with an introduction by The Collective’s Ian Smith who will be discussing his own detailing and arranging of Panini football stickers to the point of madness. Tickets for this event are available from The Holburne Museum’s box office.

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