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I curated and produced this event at Spike Island, Bristol, November 2014


With Anna Franceschini’s exhibition as a focal point, and taking its name from Sarah Angliss’ recent essay on ventriloquism this live music, in-gallery event features musicians working within the realms of sound making as practice. Exploring the cinematic language and narratives present within Franceschini’s films, the performances present alternative scores and further interpretations of the exhibition and the space it inhabits.

Hákarl & Friends take up their strings to lend a sonorous and harmonic quality resonating with the visuality of Franceshini’s films. Dispersed throughout the exhibition, their collective improvisational interpretations provide an immersive and encompassing score examining the expansive aural and acoustic qualities of the vast gallery space. The audience are invited to view Franceschini’s (mostly silent) films with sound for one night only. 

Hákarl (Kev Nickells) wrote an accompanying text for the event in response to the exhibition. 

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