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In May 2017 following conversations with friends, artists, singers, non-singers and other acquaintances about a non-traditional choir, I set the wheels in motion to see what transpired using the following as inspiration and starting points: 

  • Explore what an improvisational, experimental choir could look like, how could it take shape, where it could lead, what journey it could  take

  • what could happen. 

  • An open choir for anyone to join in, no experience required

  • Members to co-organise, lead and plan together so it is not led by one individual

  • Explore the potential of exchange and connection with other experimental choirs around the UK 


Inspiration from Misha Myers: 

"Different approaches to a choir provide opportunities for heterogenous, discordant and uncommon voices to come together through structures of collaboration, self-organisation and social interaction. What mechanisms for voicing dissensus, critique and building new forms of community does this propose? Can it attune our ears to the uniqueness of each voice going through the participatory efforts of communication, to the sounds of community formation?" 

Inspiration from Ellen Southern's Thoughts on Wild Singing:

- Wild Singing can be done by anyone, at any time, in any place.

- It could be a solo activity. Also, groups could form, monthly meetings could take place, group singings, singing trips, & exchanges could be planned. 

- Hopefully, it could bring some humans closer to each other for a while, and allow them to connect to each other, and their physical environment in new ways.  Full notes: 



> In July, members of Bristol Improv Choir took part in Freya Gabie's Grafted Chorus at Whitchurch and Hengrove Community Orchard

Grafted Chorus considers the connection between The Orchard as a social space to gather and commune, and its cathedral formation: both are spaces that are animated by the communities who use them.