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Permesso/Avanti is a short film shot and edited by Alessandra Sormani and Sam Francis, over two days in the small mountain town of Bardi, Provincia di Parma, Emilia Romagna, Italia, in October 2018.

Inspired by the classic 1970’s era Italian Giallo films a pastiche formed from a generations-old Italian Catholic family home. The film combines vistas, visions and vignettes of a picturesque and peaceful, yet somehow ominous and curious place with it’s imposing castle at the centre of it all, rich with mystery and symbolism. A holiday memoir and improvised collaboration between friends, Permesso/Avanti presents an insiders perspective from an outsiders eye.

Music from ORE's 'Belatedly' album
Tracks: Sof / Skorn / Thomas

Available from: oretubadoom.bandcamp.com